How to sing with a cold?

Posted by Triya Sushma on 25 Nov 2016

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It’s always challenging and irritating when a singer suffers from a cold or sore throat. What do you do when you have to sing with a cold? It’s really simple and you don’t have to break your heads worrying about it!

1. Sleep and Rest - The first step is to get enough sleep. Stay away from mobiles and televisions and don’t step out unless you have to.

2. Hydration - The second most important thing is to stay hydrated. Water is singer’s best friend and it’s always better to have it warm.

3. Light Warm ups - Do quality vocal warm up exercises which are light and easy on your vocal folds. Select few exercises which are easy and for which you don’t need the support of a keyboard. Preferably closed ‘mm’ sounds which helps in stretching the vocal folds and reduce swelling caused by clearing throat while coughing.

4. Positivity - Finally, Don’t panic! The voice instrument which you possess is attached to your brain and if you are thinking negatively and feel stressed out, your body responds by tensing you even more and that yields worst results. So, stay positive.