5 Hindi songs ideal for beginners(Female)

Posted by Pratibha Sarathy on 29 Dec 2016

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Are you a beginner and wondering which songs to get started with? Well, the last thing you want to do is attempt a rather complex song and end up in disappointment. So here's a handy list of 5 simple but great songs to get you started on the right track! This blog is more relevant for female singers. I will compile a list for male singers soon!

1. Ajeeb Dastan hai Ye- An evergreen classic sung by Lata ji for the movie 'Dil apna aur preet parayi'. While the upper registers and modulations may be a challenge for some singers, the basic tune of this song is fairly straightforward and easy to grasp. This song is best sung with a sharp and mellifluous sound, though I have heard some contemporary versions with a deeper voice which also sound pretty cool!

2. Iktara- A very popular number sung by Kavita Seth for the movie 'Wake up sid'. This is a great song for you if you have a lovely deep voice. To sing this song well, you need to bring sufficient depth in your voice with some occasional huskiness. During the verses, work to retain the power in your voice so that it has the bold and earthy feel that the song is meant to have.

3. Kaisi Paheli- A great party song through which you can explore some western elements! Originally sung by Sunidhi Chauhan for Parineeta, this song is quite simple to learn but very entertaining when performed. This song sounds best with a good amount of bass and some lazy, draggy modulations during an overall chirpy feel.

4. Chura Liya (both male and female)- Again a timeless classic sung by the melodious Asha Bhonsle. Make sure you do your warmups well before attempting this song as you need some good head tones to give it the mellifluous sound. A deep voice with strong chest tones may not bring out the intended feel, but bass singers are also welcome to try and give it a fresh interpretation!

5. Zara zara- This song from RHTDM is a popular favourite among budding singers. Not only is it pitch friendly, it has an addictive tune which appeals to most singers! While the basic tune is simple, it has been rendered by the legendary Bombay Jayashree, so do watch out for some small semi classical nuances during the song. Some of these nuances may require further training, but the basic song can certainly be attempted by beginners. The verse of the song also spans the upper registers, so make sure you are warmed up so that there are no cracks as the pitch goes up.