5 Bollywood songs ideal for children

Posted by Pratibha Sarathy on 27 Jan 2017

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Children are exposed to a wide variety of music these days. But not all music is age appropriate or constructive. Here's a list of 5 film songs that are ideal for children who love Bollywood. Each of these songs celebrates the innocence of children through their tunes and lyrics.

1. Re Mama Re Mama (Andaz) - This is a lovely pick for children. Originally sung by Mohammed Rafi ji, this song carries a very simple tune which makes the children understand basic notes and patterns. Also, the lyrics are quite amusing and make for a funny story. A great song to bring out the innocence of children!
Song link : https://youtu.be/Gm1WnWVXYzQ

2. Chanda Chamke (Fanaa) - This song from Fanaa is another fun composition ideal for children. It has a few tongue twisting lyrics which can help improve the clarity in your child's pronunciation. The song follows a basic chord progression which is easy for the children to follow. The humour in the lyrics makes it interesting for the little ones!
Song link : https://youtu.be/hHe9Q37jseo

3. Lakdi ki Kaathi (Masoom) - This cute song has always been among the early ones to be taught to children. It's rhyme like tune and peppy rhythm makes it a popular favourite among children. Due to its simple tune it can also be translated into swaras and learnt. Teaching children the swaras of such songs will ensure perfection in every note sung!
Song link : https://youtu.be/chXKA41cec4

4. Bum bum bole (Taare Zameen Par) - This song is both visually and aurally energising for a child! The colourful clown outfit and the classroom full of children dancing makes it very easy for the child to relate to the song. In terms of the tune, it maybe a bit challenging for a beginner especially since it involves jumping notes and even octave jumps besides the fast moving notes. But it is a great challenge for a child to take up and master. The initial gibberish in the song is a lot of fun to learn and helps with the child's pronunciation skills and memory.
Song link : https://youtu.be/NJ1NIIdHhXs

5. Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon- It's great to instil patriotic feelings in a child at an early age. This song is very inspiring and motivating for children and can be sung at patriotic events. While it does have some fine nuances that need deeper understanding of music, the basic tune can definitely be picked up by children
Song link : https://youtu.be/rszFSH6z4Us